Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Swarovski pearls, sterling silver beads
with sterling silver accents and clasp

Sterling silver beads and accents with Smoky Topaz Crystal Harlequin Necklace with Swarovski

Sterling silver and handmade black and white beads

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Summer Fun

Cha-Cha bracelets featuring tons of dangles of silver, semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystal on
sterling silver chains.

Funky designs to celebrate summer fun.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Welcome to the home of Firefly Designs Jewelry.
(at left: double strand bracelet of sterling silver, rose quartz, mother of pearl, czech glass and wood)

I have been encouraged by so many of my customers and friends to post photos of my jewelry online. I thought that I needed to be a computer wiz to create a web site (I still think that) but I realized after writing and maintaining several other blogs that I could use a blog space to upload photos. That I could do! So for the time being I will use this space to showcase some of my designs and tell you about the different lines of jewelry and accessories that I make.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to post comments or ask questions. Although this blog is not set up for you to actually buy anything, you can purchase jewelry by emailing me at I will then get in touch with you. I hope in time to set up an actual web page for displaying and selling jewelry.